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Tips to Passing the Cosmetology State Board Exam

Written with the same concept as the SAT preparatory materials, this book is intended to give students an edge when taking the State Board Exam.

Taking an exam can be intimidating. However, taking the Cosmetology State Board Exam can send even the bravest student into a panic. In Tips to Passing the Cosmetology State Board Exam, you will learn things you did not learn in school--things you absolutely must know if you are to pass the exam.

Cosmetology schools train you how to be a cosmetologist. However, they do little, if anything, in training and preparing you to take the State Board Exam. When you use Toni Love's book, you will walk into the room totally prepared to pass and even ace an exam that puts fear in the hearts of many! You will develop confidence and poise. This is important, as you will be observed performing the professional skills you were taught in cosmetology school. Through the pages of this book, you will develop confidence in what you know and how you must present it when taking the exam.

This book will set you apart from other students who do not properly prepare for the exam... students who do not have the benefit of Tips to Passing the Cosmetology State Board Exam. You will know that you must make a good impression by arriving at the exam clean and well groomed. If you are using a live model for the exam, the model must NOT be in the hair care field (such as a cosmetologists, instructors, etc.).

Topics Covered:

  • Purpose & Important Attributes

  • "The "Kit"

  • Permanent Waving

  • Chemical Relaxing

  • Hair Pressing/Thermal Curling

  • Wet Hairstyling/Basic Curling

  • Hair Coloring

  • Hair Shaping

  • Finger Waving

  • Manicuring

  • Make-up Application

  • Additional Notes

  • Helpful Employment Skills

  • Preparing for the Interview

  • Helpful Tips

Additionally, this book is filled with information to aid you in becoming a successful hairstylist once you have passed the board exam.

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The World of Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions

Released in December 2001 and carried in topnotch bookstores like Books-A-Million, Barnes & Nobles and Border Books.

This is a must-have for all successful stylists and clients using commercial hair and wanting to maintain healthy hair.

If you are looking for alternative hair styles, The World of Wigs, Weaves, & Extensions offers this and more! Wigs, weaves and extensions are not just about vanity. They are about self-esteem and feeling good about one's self. Wigs and extensions can help a cancer patient look more normal to the outside world as they experience the loss of hair and can aid in building a style when hair slowly begins to grow back. Hairpieces can restore the waning self-confidence of the man or woman with a receding hairline or balding spot. When we look better, we feel better!

The great thing, you can use wigs, weaves and extensions just for the fun of it... just because you want a hot new look or new color. You will find many choices of wigs, weaves, and toupees are highlighted throughout the book.

Well-written instruction and professional advice clears up misconceptions people may have about making, buying, or wearing a hairpiece. Full-color photos emphasize color selections and illustrate techniques, while real makeovers portray numerous personal styles. From fittings and styling to shaping and coloring, learn how wigs and weaves can work for you!

Chapter 1: Why Wear a Wig?
Chapter 2: Types of Wigs
Chapter 3: Wig Measuring and Ordering
Chapter 4: Blocking and Fitting the Wig
Chapter 5: Cleaning the Wig and Repairing the Wig
Chapter 6: Shaping and Styling the Wig
Chapter 7: Wig Coloring
Chapter 8: Hair Pieces
Chapter 9:Weaving or Wig?
Chapter 10: Which Weaving Technique is for You?
Chapter 11: Making Wigs
Chapter 12: Maintaining Your Natural Hair for Wigs and Weaves
Appendix Glossary

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